Harley-Davidson, Inc. Q2 2008 Earnings Call Transcript

Harley-Davidson, Inc. Harley-Davidson, Inc. James L. Saiyid T. John A. Craig Kennison – Robert W. Welcome to the Harley-Davidson second quarter 2008 earnings conference call. Good morning everyone and welcome to Harley-Davidson’s second quarter 2008 conference call. Today we will comment on our second quarter financial performance, Harley-Davidson motorcycle retail sales, the actions we took last quarter in response to the US economy and other thoughts about our business. Tom Bergmann, Harley-Davidson, Inc.’s CFO will not be participating on the call today as he is attending a funeral so we’ve adjusted the structure of the call slightly. As usual, CEO Jim Ziemer will provide his comments on the business and today he will share the financial results for the second quarter. Saiyid Naqvi, President of Harley-Davidson Financial Services will talk about the performance of that business unit. Then, Jim will share the consolidated financials, the outlook for the business an...
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22.7.08 10:57

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